Sunday, February 24, 2008

53 AVI Classic Russian Cartoon–with chroma green

53 avi Classic Russian Cartoon–with chroma green screen (3Dfon footage)
one avi–one rar–all 1,52 Gb
Collection animations with our beautiful Soviet cartoons! Now you can quickly and easily embed our cartoon heroes (1960-1985) in any of its movies! What will certainly give your non-transferable highlight films, which necessarily appreciate your audience, bred on the cultural heritage of the Soviet Union. Ballerina on the ship, Winnie and all fluff all all, Winnie fluff and day cares, How to Find and Turtle song sung, Kroshka dog, Cheburashka, Carlson, Carlson returned Returning Prodigal parrot, a dog-Gil, Funtik, Prostokvashino, Puss in Boots How pound football player became a musician, four inseparable cockroach, and Tigertad gift for the elephant, and Tigertad treasure Tigertad on the road with clouds, Exal Vanya, who skillfully sing Kot, Adventures Myunhauzena.
I love all of this and advise you.

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