Sunday, February 24, 2008

3D-Brush v2.01G

You may ask: “Why do I need 3D-Brush when there are such applications as ZBrush or Mudbox?” 3D-Brush is not designed for creating a human body out of a sphere or a cube. The main focus of the program is detailing and texturing objects already roughly shaped in another 3D-package. Here you work initially on detailing level equal to 3-5 million of polygons. The use of normal mapping as opposed to geometrical splitting allows to considerably increase the editing and object viewing speed. It is common knowledge that shaping an object doesn’t take long – up to a few hours maximum. However the detailing and texturing are both lengthy, taking 3 to 10 times more then modeling the draft itself. 3D-Brush is designed specifically to speed up this part of the technological process. The program contains tools for sculptural modeling, provides for a considerable change of shape, however detailing remains the key function of 3D-Brush.


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Size: 28.1MB

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