Sunday, February 24, 2008

3D World Studio 5.52

3D World Studio is a constructive solid geometry (CSG) modeler with support for object placement, terrain, and lighting. The program is used by thousands of architects, game developers, interior designers, and hobbyists around the world to produce 3D walkthroughs, games, and simulations.

3D World Studio Features
Extremely fast object manipulation and drawing, designed for efficiency.
Select and texture objects or object faces.
Stretch, position, mirror, flip, and rotate meshes.
Automatic UV mapping.
UV mapping tools, including justify and fit to face.
CSG operations include carve, hollow, split, and extrude face.
Configurable entity system.
Adjustable viewports.
Accurate grid snap.
Draw selection boxes.
Export to .x, .map, .wmp, .dbo, .b3d, or .dif.
Browse meshes by thumbnails.
Manage and browse thousands of textures and meshes.
Extremely small compressed file format.
Edit multiple objects’ properties at once.
New brush primitives including arches and tubes.
View detailed statistical information including polycounts broken down by object type.
Texture lock freezes brush texture coordinates.
Select a texture by picking a surface.
Multiple undo levels.
Export .map and compile to Torque .dif in one step.
Referenced meshes.
Load .x, .obj, .md3, or .gls meshes.
Shadow-mapped meshes with gile[s].
Adjust scale to fit meshes without distorting vertex coordinates.

Complete lighting for brushes, meshes, and terrain.
Calculate lightmaps, vertex lighting, and uniform lighting.
Support for translucent and masked surfaces.
Control settings per object for casting and receiving shadows.

Smooth-blended layered terrain.
Support for large-scale terrains.
Adjustable terrain subdivision.
Automatic edge turning.

Supported file formats File Type Import Export Comments
Microsoft DirectX (*.x) yes yes
3D Game Studio map (*.wmp) yes yes Support in progress
gile[s] Scene (*.gls) yes no
Torque Map (*.dif) no yes map exporter calls map2dif in one step
DarkBasic Object (*.dbo) no yes
Blitz3D Model (*.b3d) no yes
CShop Map (*.csm) yes no Map meshes can’t be loaded
Half-Life Map (*.map) yes yes
Quake 3 Model (*.md3) yes no
Entity List (*.txt) no yes
JPEG (*.jpg) yes no
Windows bitmap (*.bmp) yes no
Portable network graphics (*.png) yes no
Truevision Targa (*.tga) yes no
DirectDraw Surface (*.dds) yes no
Valve texture format (*.vtf) yes no
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