Friday, May 18, 2007

SWiSH Studio 2.0 Full

Create Flash Applications and Screensavers
Convert Flash movies to EXEs, screensavers or burn to CD-ROM and DVD.
SWiSH Studio2 lets you convert your SWF files to projector executables, screensavers or burn directly to a CD-ROM and DVD in three easy steps. SWiSH Studio2 is packed with features that will have you creating your own Flash applications in no time.

SWiSH Studio Key Features

Window Skins & Styles
Select from professionally-design window skins and styles, including windowless and transparent background.

Combine Multiple Movies
Combine mutiple Flash movies and define the playing order and play back options.
Edit Settings
Customize appearance, playback controls, context menus and watermarks. Interactivity
Allow users to interact with your movies with keyboard and mouse controls.
Publish EXEs & Screensavers
Convert your Flash movies into a standalone projector executables (EXE) or Windows screensavers.

Burn CD-ROMs and DVDs
Burn your movies straight to a CD-ROM or DVD, perfect for those presentations and demos.
FS Command Support
Using FSCommands give you access to a powerful set of commands and system calls.

Preloader Support
Supports Flash (SWF) preloaders to occupy users whilst content is loading.

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