Friday, May 18, 2007

Focal PressHD Postproduction Editing and Delivering HD Video Dec 2006

Paperback: 248 pages | Publisher: Focal Press; 1 edition (December 11, 2006)
Language: English | ISBN-10: 0240808398

Avoid costly missteps in postproduction and get it right the first time with this book. Written by an in-the-trenches professional who works with HD every day, High Definition Postproduction is an overview of this exciting opportunity for film and video production and postproduction professionals. High Definition production and editing is here and definitely a reality. High-def network shows are aired on a weekly basis. Several HD-only channels are well into their production schedules. HD is even used for major film productions and post production processes. However, unlike the existing 4x3, NTSC format, the HD world has many variables. This ability to choose various frame rates, frame sizes, bit rates, and color space options makes this an exciting, yet somewhat daunting challenge. The future may hold even more options as electronics continue to evolve and manufactures continue to exploit this format. Naturally, all of these options can lead to confusion and errors.

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