Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Playboy Vixens Dec 07 - Jan 08

Playboy Vixens Dec 07 - Jan 08
PDF | English | 8 MB

Playboy Voluptuous Vixens (Dec 07/Jan 08)
RAR (PDF) | English | 8,2 MB | 101 Pages

The loose definition of voluptuous is “indulging in luxury, pleasure and sensuous enjoyment.” So it was with an eye toward providing you with endless hours of visual stimulation and sensual enjoyment that we assembled this collection of 19 bold and bodacious beauties in incredibly provocative poses. We suggest that you proceed with caution as the curves are dangerous and the girls are gorgeous.

Inside this issue:
Maria Molkanova
Jamie Leigh
Patricia Mainville
Mary Alejo
Breann McGregor
Taya Parker
Kristina Scott
Iryna Stevens
Celeste DiMarco
Erika Mayshawn
Natacha Peyre
Amber Elise
Janie Andrews
Julia Morse
Jesse Preston
Sandra Berglund
Jade Regier
Malene Espensen
Bridget Monroe

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