Thursday, February 7, 2008

Amazing True Secrets About Scoring with Married Women

Amazing True Secrets About Scoring with Married Women
Totally True Book | Mark Cunningham | 2001 | PDF | RS | 1.2MB

The world is full of married women! Everywhere you look, there are amazing women walking around, desirable. And just when you get all cranked up to grab one you notice -- right there on that left hand -- a ring set. You say to yourself, “How can this be? How can they all be married? How does this work?” Have you ever known an amazing girl, one who was so fine? And for one reason or another maybe you just couldn’t get up the nerve, or the circumstances weren’t right, or maybe yo u met her and you just didn’t hit it off, and you had to watch as she goes on and falls in love with some other guy? You saw that she went off and got married, and you thought she’s gone forever. Or have you ever spotted someone so fantastic (you know the type I mean) walking down the street, across a crowded restaurant, or in a mall -- she looks really rood’? If you were going to create an image of everything you wanted a woman to be, well there she is, right there in front of you. And just when you’re thinking, “God this is great. I’ve got to go for it,” her husband walks up or you spot the ring -- and you know once again that she’s out of reach, she’s a married woman?

Have you ever fantasized about having unbelievably great sex with a woman who knows exactly what she’s doing, who’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep you interested in her? And who, when you are so totally filled with pleasure and totally exhausted that you can’t move a muscle, when you are lying there dripping with sweat with an immens e smile of satisfaction on your face, she then gets up and says, “Bye, bye sweetie.” and heads home? I have good news for you my friend, because each and every woman out there is available to you! The single great truth that I am sharing with you now is that there is no such thing as a married woman. That’s just an idea we’ve got in our heads, and so long as we believe in this fantasy there are all kinds of rules and do’s and dont’s which isolates women in a way that holds them as unreachable forever. But what we know now is that there is no such thing as a married woman, there are only women who got married!


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