Tuesday, May 29, 2007

SWiSHvideo 2006.07.03 Retail

Size | 2.6mb

Powerful Video to Flash Conversion
SWiSH Video2 lets you convert your video files into streaming Flash files in minutes. Now you can easily display your videos on the web complete with play controls and playback settings.

Key Features of SWiSH Video2 More info

Import Options
Import your AVI, QuickTime, MPEG or Windows Media videos into SWiSH Video2. Export Options
Select to export as an SWF or FLV, adjust your video's border width, background color, scaling, start and end states.

Video Compression
Select your videos compression quality, key frame intervals, deblocking and smoothing settings. Audio Settings
Replace the soundtrack with another audio file or use the original. Specify compression, bit rate and frequency to use.

Import Controls
Create your own custom controls in any Flash authoring tool and import them into SWiSH Video2. Add Events
Events mark the SWF and FLV, letting you sync other events in your Flash movies.

Add Overlays
You can now easily brand all your Flash videos with watermarks. Batch Processing
The new batch convert option makes converting multiple videos at once videos a breeze.

Improved Performance
SWiSH Video2 converts video files to Flash three times as fast as SWiSH Video1. DirectShow FLV Source Filter
SWiSH Video2 comes with our free FLV source filter that allows you to view FLVs in any DirectShow compatible media player.

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